A white bowl of red and yellow couscous with corn and other vegetables, that is sitting on a wooden table.

Superfood, Superflavor

Quinoa, a seed grain, is widely touted as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Rich in plant protein, fiber and key vitamins and minerals, we could think of no better way to leverage this wonderful superfood than by infusing it with the flavors of the Mediterranean. Using a blend of white and red quinoa, we draw in roasted red pepper, corn, and cilantro, finishing it with a nutty vinegar and olive oil dressing. The quinoa soaks up every note for a burst of flavor with every bite. Perfect as an accompaniment to red meat, poultry or fish or as a light and healthy meal or snack.

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Overhead shot of chocolate drizzled on baklava pieces and powdered sugar drizzled on two other baklava pieces.

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