Bright. Crisp. Happy. An Homage to Our Lebanese Heritage.

Sit down at any Lebanese lunch or dinner table, and you’re likely to find a bright, heaping bowl of tabouli, the Levantine staple that tastes as vibrant as it looks. Chock-full of fresh, healthful ingredients like parsley, tomato, mint, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, and bedecked with bulgur wheat for added bite, our tabouli is to die for. In fact, we find it no small coincidence that this signature dish comprises the same colors as the Lebanese flag.

When it comes to tabouli, the difference lies in the ingredients and preparation. For years, we have fine-chopped our parsley by hand; only when we found the most innovative piece of equipment on the market – one that would produce parsley identical in form to hand-chopped – did we agree to go wholesale. And when it comes to bulgur wheat, you’ll find just the right amount in ours – not a heaping amount just to bulk it up.

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