N o u j a i m s T r a d i t i o n a l H u m m u s

Overhead shot of hummus in a white bowl on a wooden table

One of the simple luxuries of Mediterranean cuisine, hummus should be just that – simple, decadent, delicious. Our Hummus B’Tahini gets its reputation for Best Hummus Ever from the quality of our ingredients and the care we put into cooking our chickpeas. In scaling up for wholesale, we’ve maintained our original, decades-old recipe without altering any of the ingredients to preserve the authenticity, taste and texture of our beloved hummus.

Read the label and you’ll find nothing more than chickpeas, tahini, citrus and a dash of salt, all of which come together to create that rich, lemony and nutty taste consumers crave in a hummus – and have yet to find available until now.

Vegan | Gluten Free

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Overhead shot of chocolate drizzled on baklava pieces and powdered sugar drizzled on two other baklava pieces.

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